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Professional Development Series

Workshops for PhD students and early career researchers

I have developed a professional development series of live workshops for NetSI doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers. These workshops take place in collaboration with NU offices and colleagues as well as NetSI alumni and external professionals. Recordings as well as slides and handouts are also being kept available. 


Empty Classroom


Professional Identity Series

●CV Development

● Online Identity

● CV & Website

● Design Your Website with Wix


PhD Fellowships Series

● Inside the PhD Fellowship Experience: Grad Student Panelists Share Insight and Advice

● Creating you Application Materials


Mental Health Series

● Stress, Distress, and UHCS


Future Faculty Training Series

● Applying, Interviewing, and Negotiating

● How did you make it? Personal experience and lessons from three NetSI alumni researchers

● The Academic Cover Letter and CV


Science Communication Series

● How to be a more engaging and effective science communicator

● Building support for your research and ideas: How to approach what you say or write


Science Collaboration Series

● How to build more productive science collaborations

● How to receive, request, and give feedback


Job Interviewing Series

● How to tell your story and sell yourself in job interviews

● How to conduct informational interviews and prepare for your job talk


Networking Series

● Doctoral Networking Strategies

● Skills for Small Talk in Networking


Publishing Series

● A path to publication (TBA)

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