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NetSI Research Co-op Program


At the Network Science Institute we have established a new educational program, called "NetSI Research Co-ops". I designed this program to offer research training to Northeastern undergraduate and graduate students. This program differs from the regular co-op placements that Northeastern offers to its students. We have given an educational and mentoring spin to the classic co-op, while also offering leadership opportunities to our members. We hire undergraduate and master's students from Northeastern and pair them with appropriate research mentors who can be faculty members, researchers, or even advanced PhD students. I also provide mentoring to the Co-op students and to the research mentors so that there is a personalized training plan for each Co-op student. Moreover, I provide science communication training to the Co-op students and help them prepare their project presentations. Finally, the research Co-op students have access to all the educational activities that the Institute offers, like research talks, professional development workshops, etc.

Come join NetSI

If you are a Northeastern University student get in touch with me so we can start working together. You can also email me at

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