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About Me

Currently I am the Education, Outreach, and Diversity Coordinator at the Network Science Institute (NetSI), in Boston, MA. In this role, I've had the opportunity to work on a variety of interesting and inspiring projects both at NetSI and the NU broader campus, as well as with external collaborators.


As an Educator, I believe that teaching and mentoring is a mission. University educators bear the responsibility not only to prepare young adults to pursue their future career but also to provide them with the tools to find their place in the society, to guide them, to empower them to pursue their life goals, to teach them to trust themselves. 

I am passionate about STEM Education. I love teaching and helping students of all ages discover the beauty of math and science and make sense of the world around us. I believe that all students should have access to high-quality education, and as an educator I am working to contribute to this direction.


I am also devoted in helping students and early career researchers building skills and competencies and develop professionally as scientists, researchers, teachers; finding their path, the career that will make them happy, creative, successful. I also enjoy providing opportunities for exploration and learning, and facilitating collaborations in academic environments.


Research-wise I am interested in stydying mechanisms that promote STEM, and especially MATH, learning. I am also interested in mentoring relationships that graduate and undergraduate students form during their studies and most importantly during their research endeavors, and how the characteristics of these relationships affect student learning, productivity, and career outcomes. I am also interested in the cognitive mechanisms that promote learning and the interaction between such cognitive processes and contextual and cross-cultural factors.

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